Body Confidence Coach Judi Craddock

Hi I’m Judi, a Body Confidence Coach.

I help women ditch body hate so that they have more time, energy and head space to focus on the things that light them up.

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Are you fed up with body hate ruling your life?

Do you wish you could detach your worth from your appearance but don’t know how?

Well, you’re in the right place!


♥  Not caring what anyone else thinks about your appearance
  Being okay with the reflection in the mirror
  Feeling neutral about your body most of the time
♥  Being intimate with the lights on
♥  Rocking a bikini free from negative body thoughts
  Knowing that you’re role modelling healthy body image to your kids.

All of this is possible when you move past body hate, and I can help you get there. 

Body Confidence Coaching

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Working with me one to one will help you explore what is holding you back from better body image.

Learn 52 simple, yet effective strategies to kick the body hate habit.

I give talks on body image that educate and inspire women to better body confidence.

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