Your ‘ideal body’ WON’T make you happy


Do you think that life will be happier, more fulfilling or successful if you achieve your ideal body?

In this post I’m debunking the myth that your ideal body = your ideal life.

I know this not just from personal experience but from clients who have achieved the body they wanted.

I’ll be explaining why your ideal body ISN’T the answer to a more fulfilling life and what IS.

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What my clients tell me

I get a lot of messages from people telling me about their body confidence struggles.  Of these messages, there’s one type in particular that might surprise you…

It goes something like this, “I worked really hard to achieve my perfect weight/body. But when I got there – nothing changed – I didn’t feel any better about myself.”

I want you to know this because it goes against what society tells you.  Society wants you to think the key to success and happiness lies in weighing less and being slimmer.

Happiness doesn’t lie in the ‘perfect’ body

But the key to living a happier life isn’t the other side of a diet having achieved your ‘ideal body’.

Clients seek my help when their pursuit of the perfect body doesn’t deliver the happy, fulfilled life they’d been expecting.

I help my clients get to the heart of what’s really behind their desire to change their body.

After years of trying to diet and exercise their way into feeling good in their body, they realise their body wasn’t the reason for their lack of fulfilment, confidence or happiness.

What the pursuit of the ideal body REALLY means 

Behind every attempt at achieving your ‘dream body’ is another need, such as the need for love, acceptance, fulfilment, a sense of worth.

Yet a ‘different’ body isn’t the answer to these wants and needs.

Only when you call off the war on your body can you get to work on the areas of your life that REALLY need attention – whether that’s a better relationship, career or a more enriching social life.

These are the things that help satisfy the need for love, acceptance, fulfilment, or worth.

Breaking the ideal body fixation

Sometimes it’s hard to break the pursuit of the ideal body if it’s been a normal part of life for so long.

It might seem easier to ‘fix’ the body rather than deal with some aspect of life that seems scary or difficult.

Like any habit, it can feel familiar, even comfortable and can become a security blanket.

But your ideal body won’t make you happy – finding out what you most want and need from life and working towards that will.

I’d love to know, has the pursuit of the ideal body become a way to avoid dealing with other areas of your life? Please leave a comment below.

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