About Judi

Judi is a body confidence coach for women. She helps women accept and respect their bodies so that they can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Judi empowers women to change the way they think and feel about their bodies through 1:1 coaching, her book, "The Little Book of Body Confidence" and body confidence workshops.

How to stop obsessing over your body

How to stop obsessing over your body   Are you preoccupied with your body most of the time? If you're obsessing over your body a lot, there's one thing you might be doing that's making it worse. So in this post, I'm explaining what heightens body obsession and how you can reduce it. I'm [...]

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Is perfectionism damaging your body image?

Perfectionism and your body image   What role does perfectionism play in your life? As a perfectionist, I know only too well the many ways it adds extra stress and anxiety to life. And when it comes to your body image, perfectionism can really take its toll. So in this post, I'm taking a [...]

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What it truly means to accept your body

What it truly means to accept your body   What does it mean to accept your body? Like many people, you may believe that body acceptance is a cop out - a way to justify 'giving up' on your body. But that's just diet and beauty culture B.S. So in this post, I'm [...]

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Does growing body hair help your body image?

Does growing body hair help your body image?   When I say body hair, what's your immediate reaction? Maybe one of these responses: "Ooh, it's gross, women need to remove it!" "It's natural and normal, it's no big deal." "There's one rule for men and another rule for women." Over recent years, the [...]

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Let’s celebrate your body confidence progress

Let's celebrate your body confidence progress   When you reflect on your body confidence progress, how do you feel? Do you pat your self on the back and feel pleased with yourself or bemoan your lack of progress? If you feel like your progress is zero, you're not alone! So in this post, I'm [...]

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