Body Confidence Coaching for Women

 Would you like to feel at peace and ease with your body?

If you’re feeling bad about your body and looks, I know how you feel – I’ve been there.  Feeling self conscious about your body, not wearing what you want, avoiding exercise, intimacy and trying to camouflage what you see as flaws behind clothing and make-up are all path for the course with low body confidence.

But there are ways to change the way you feel about your body that will enhance your life. The route to lasting body confidence is perhaps not what you think. It’s NOT about making physical changes. You don’t need to lose weight or have plastic surgery to have better body confidence.

Better body confidence does not come from achieving the perfect body – it comes from embracing the one you have.

Body confidence comes from the mind – changing the way your brain thinks about your body. That’s where coaching comes in, enabling you to master your mind-set.

Body confidence coaching one to one means that you get my undivided and individual attention. It’s a safe place in which to explore your body image and discover ways to improve how you feel about your body that work for you.

Coaching gets to the root of the negative thoughts that you’re having about your body, helping you to rid yourself of these for good.

A word of caution: coaching is highly effective with the right attitude and commitment from the individual. But it isn’t a ‘quick fix’.  If you are looking for quick solutions that work on your appearance such as diets or extreme exercise programmes, my coaching programmes are NOT for you.  My work focuses on the way you think and feel about your body, not what it looks like.

I help you navigate the unhealthy world of the media and show you how to stop comparisons that keep you stuck in poor body image. I teach you how to create a positive body mind-set and environment in which your new relationship with your body can develop and grow.

Mastering your mind-set will enable you to live a happier and healthy life.  Your looks will no longer be a source of unhappiness, freeing you to engage in activities that you love but may previously have shied away from.

How it works

In my experience, to create a significant change in how you feel about your body takes on average around 6 sessions.

Sessions take place over Skype, phone or face to face if you live near to Southampton, UK.  Each session lasts 50 minutes

I offer coaching in bundles of 3 or 6 sessions.  Because it takes time to build rapport and get to the root of body confidence issues, I do not recommend one-off sessions.  However, if you do wish to have a single session, I will do my best to help you as much as possible during our time together.

 Coaching programmes 

A single session costs £79 with discounts applying to a block of pre-paid sessions as follows:

A course of 3 pre-paid 50 minute sessions costs £ 229

♥ A course of 6 pre-paid 50 minute sessions costs £ 449

If you think body confidence coaching might be for you, I offer a FREE 30 minute body confidence discovery session to explore what challenges you have with your body confidence, how I can help and whether we can work together.

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