Body Confidence Talks for Women

Are you looking for a talk for a women’s social or networking group, corporate event, or a guest speaker at a well-being conference or workshop?

My body confidence talks are always well received, provoking conversation and debate, particularly when the topic of media and unrealistic standards of beauty are discussed.

As the lead for the East London Foundation Trust’s Women’s network, I organise frequent events on topics of importance to women, such as physical health, trauma, the gender pay gap etc.  I wanted to run some sessions on the topic of body image and confidence as this had come up through the network as being of importance to the members. 

Following some extensive research I came across Judi’s website.   I really liked what I read and saw on her You Tube page, so decided to engage with her to see if she would be interested in running some bespoke sessions for us.

From the offset Judi was so friendly, helpful and interested in the plans for ELFT and the network. I gave her a limited of brief – basically asking her to run sessions that would help, inspire and enthuse my members on the topic of body image. She did just that.  We ran three sessions, all of which were really well attended.

The feedback from the sessions was overwhelmingly positive.  Everyone, including me, got so much from the sessions.  They were personal, emotive and thought provoking. The overall sense from participants was that for the first time they realised they were not alone in having certain thoughts about their bodies. I can’t thank or recommend Judi enough.  I loved working with her and hope to do so again in the future.

Sarah Canning, East London NHS Trust

If you are interested in booking me to speak at your event, I can tailor a talk to suit your group or event’s specific needs.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.