Body Confidence Workshops for Women

Do you feel alone in the way you feel about your body? Perhaps you think that other women have figured out how to love the skin they’re in?

Let me reassure you – you’re not alone. Very few women have learned how to be happy in their own skin.

My body confidence workshops harness the supportive power of women. Working in small groups is a powerful way to explore and work on your body confidence.

My signature body confidence programme, Love the skin you’re in – the basics of body confidence begins your journey to better body confidence


Love the skin you’re in – the basics of body confidence

Would you like to be more loving and accepting of your body?  Do you you want to stop putting your body down and treat it with care & respect?

In a society where we’re bombarded with unattainable images of beauty, it’s not surprising that many women and girls suffer from low body confidence.

But what if I told you there IS a way to become more loving and accepting of your body?

Body Confidence Basics will show you the foundation needed for a positive body body image, helping you on the road to a healthier relationship with your body.

In this 3 hour workshop you’ll learn:

♥ What is meant by body confidence and body image

 The myths surrounding body image that we all unconsciously buy into

 The origins of body image

 YOUR personal body image story

 The impact of body image on your life

 How to start a  new relationship with your body

 A new way of thinking about your body that will lead to greater love and acceptance.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect, share and be supported by other women during the session.  Workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

The workshop costs £49 per person and takes place at venues in Surrey & Hampshire.