Help! I hate my body

Help! I hate my body!   Do you often think, "I hate my body!" ? In a culture where body loathing is normalised, it's not uncommon to have thoughts like these. BUT even though body dislike has (sadly) become part of everyday life, you don't have to live this way. You can choose [...]

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How to throw away negative body thoughts

How to throw away negative body thoughts   Have you ever wished you could empty the contents of your head (especially those negative body thoughts!) and throw them away? I know I have! Well, some interesting research by Ohio State University suggests that this idea isn't as far fetched as it might seem. [...]

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How to let go of body judgement

How to let go of body judgement   Do you judge other peoples' bodies? Be honest with yourself! Maybe it's a comment said aloud or an internal thought about someone's weight or shape. BUT, judging other people and their bodies reveals what YOU fear most. Not only that, being judgmental of bodies adversely [...]

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