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How to heal your inner child’s body shame

Heal your inner child's body shame   Can you remember the first time that you felt uncomfortable in your body? For many people, self-consciousness about the body begins in childhood. Commonly, it starts with teasing, bullying or a body critical parent. If left unchecked, this childhood hurt is carried into adult life and [...]

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How to de-clutter negative body thoughts

De-cluttering negative body thoughts   Do you enjoy a good de-clutter? I find it cathartic to let go of possessions that no longer serve a useful purpose. While it's easy to identify physical clutter, you're probably less aware of the amount of MENTAL clutter you are carrying around with you every day. Negative [...]

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Six body shaming behaviours that will surprise you

Six body shaming behaviours that will surprise you As the positive body image movement gains more prominence in the media, awareness of body shaming behaviour has grown. Body shaming occurs when you criticise yourself or others (either to their face or behind their back) because of some aspect of physical appearance. Even if you don’t [...]

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