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Help! I hate my body

Help! I hate my body!   Do you often think, "I hate my body!" ? In a culture where body loathing is normalised, it's not uncommon to have thoughts like these. BUT even though body dislike has (sadly) become part of everyday life, you don't have to live this way. You can choose [...]

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How to practise body kindness

How to practise body kindness   How would you describe the way you treat your body? Are you kind and caring? Or hateful and cruel? For most of us, being kind to your body doesn't come naturally. In a world where body hate is seen as normal, it's hardly surprising. BUT, in this [...]

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Believe you ARE enough this Christmas

Believe you ARE enough this Christmas   Do you feel like you are enough? Or maybe you have a constant feeling of never quite measuring up? If you sometimes feel that you are not enough, this post is for you! I'm sharing a wonderful practice you can use to create and reinforce the belief [...]

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How to feed your positive voice

How to feed your positive voice   I bet if I asked you whether you're aware of your negative inner voice, you'd respond with a resounding, "Yes!" BUT, if I asked you about your positive inner voice, you might struggle to think of times when you've heard it. Believe it or not, we [...]

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