Ground your body to release negative thoughts


How often do you get caught in a cycle of negative thoughts?

If you’re anything like me, negative thoughts can easily spiral out of control, whether they’re about your body or something else!

So in this post, I’m sharing a technique that involves using your body to break out of a negative thought spiral.

It’s a simple grounding technique that you can use anytime you feel negative thoughts are getting the better of you.

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Negative body thoughts

If you often find yourself in a negative thought spiral about your body, you’ll know how difficult it can be to stop!

You might start with a thought about one part of your body, and before you know it, it’s spread to negativity about other areas.

But there’s a technique you can use to ground your body and diffuse negative thinking.

This technique to ground your body will also help you to feel more strong and capable in your body.

How to ground your body

The next time you feel trapped in a negative thought spiral about your body, start by standing up.

Then feel the energy in your body created by your critical body thoughts.

Bring awareness to the energy and consciously direct it down from your brain.  Then feel it move through your body down through your legs and feet.

Notice how the energy connects you to the floor. Then imagine those negative thoughts spilling out through your legs and feet into the ground.

As you ground your body, feel how strong your legs are as you stand tall and anchored to the ground.

Next notice the energy coming down your arms and again imagine those negative thoughts coming out through your fingertips.

Finally, shake your whole body to rid you of the remaining thoughts.

Finish by inhaling and exhaling deeply for four counts.

How does it feel to ground your body?

Take a moment to notice how you feel. What thoughts if any are going through your mind? Do you feel calmer, more peaceful, at ease?

I’d love to know how you find this technique to ground your body and diffuse negative body thoughts.  Please leave a comment below.

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