How to create a body positive environment

How to create a body positive environment

No matter where you are along your body confidence journey, it’s important that you create a body positive environment.

The way you feel about yourself from moment to moment is largely a product of what you’re thinking about.  In turn, your thoughts are highly influenced by your environment.

If you’re constantly surrounded by body negativity, that’s what you’ll internalise, and you’ll experience your body in a negative way.

Although it’s impossible to shut out every source of body negativity, there are some proactive things that you can do to ensure that, as far as possible, your environment is a body positive one.

Read inspiring quotes

I love reading quotes about positive body image.  Whenever I’m feeling low in body confidence, there are few quotes that I turn to for a boost.

When you make reading quotes a daily habit, you train your brain to think positively about your body.

You can pin up your quotes where you can see them, read them, or make a screen saver out of them, whatever works for you.

There are many places you can find body positive quotes (searching for ‘body positive quotes’ on any search engine will return plenty), but my favourite place for quotes is social media.

I post body positive quotes on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, so if you want a daily fix of body positivity, come join me.

I’ve also created a printable with some of my favourite body positive quotes for you.

Click here for your Inspiring Body Positive Quotes >>

Join body positive networks and groups

Despite social media sometimes being a less than body positive place (think Photoshopped images and less than body positive messages), it also has plenty of body positive groups and networks that you can be a part of.

I’ve met some incredible body positive individuals and organisations through Twitter and Facebook that are a constant source of body positivity and inspiration.

As well as joining me over on Twitter and Facebook, I’d recommend these amazing advocates for positive body image:

Be Real Campaign

Be Real is campaigning to change attitudes to body image and help all of us put health above appearance and be confident in our bodies – you can find them on Facebook and Twitter

Beyond Chocolate

Beyond Chocolate’s mission is to help you feel good about the way you eat and how you look. It encourages you to ditch the dieting and trying to ‘be good’ and learn how to stop overeating.  

As the UK’s Number 1 No Diet community, Beyond Chocolate can support you to making real changes to your relationship with food and your body.  

You can follow Beyond Chocolate on Facebook and Twitter.

Leyah Shanks

Leyah Shanks is a positive body image and mental health activist and founder of The Body Confidence Revolution.

You can follow Leyah on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn about body image

When you really understand what body image means and unravel many of the myths that surround it, it’s a lot easier to be positive about your body.

When I first started on my own body confidence journey, I read every body image book I could lay my hands on.  I got to the crux of what body image was and discovered practical ways that I could see my body in a more positive light.

So do your research and become more enlightened about body image – it really will help you become more body positive.  If you’re not already a regular subscriber to my Body Confidence Blog, subscribe to get regular updates on better body image.

If you’re looking for some good basic books to get you started, I’d recommend:

The Body Image Workbook by Thomas F Cash

Love your Body, Love your Life by Sarah Maria

Mirror, Mirror by Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Choose the people you hang around with carefully

I’ve said this many times, but the people you spend time with really can have a BIG influence on how positive you feel about your body.

It’s hard to stay body positive when you’re surrounded by people who are constantly talking about their weight, critiquing other women’s bodies, or worse still, commenting on yours.

It’s a harsh reality, but if you have people in your life who are dragging your body image down, it’s time to assess how much (or even if) you want to spend time with them.

In a nutshell

For positive body image to thrive your environment needs to be conducive to body positivity.  Make sure that you are being proactive in surrounding yourself with resources and people that have a body positive attitude.

Want some help with creating a more body positive environment?  Find out how you can work with me.