3 ways to improve your body confidence right NOW


I’m often asked what my top tips are to improve body confidence.

I always find this tough to answer, as there are SOOO many things you can do, and often it comes down to individual choice.

BUT, if I were to pick just a few things, I’d recommend the three I’m sharing in this post.

These are the things that not only work individually, but are incredibly effective when combined together.

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Improve your body confidence by practising habits consistently

In my experience, the biggest transformations in body confidence occur when you make small habit changes and practise these consistently.

The key word here is consistency. There is no quick fix or magic pill to improve your body confidence, but you don’t have to make huge or drastic changes.

If you’re willing to make the following three habit changes and commit to doing them regularly, you can’t help but notice a difference in the way you feel about your body.

These are all things that I have talked about before, but when combined together, I think they have a bigger impact.

Habit changes to improve body confidence

So let’s dive into the three habit changes that can most improve your body confidence:

Habit change #1

Change the dialogue you have about your body. By this I mean noticing and actively changing the language you use when you think and speak about your body.

So if you are regularly saying your body is “Ugly, disgusting, repulsive” either in your head or when speaking to others, this needs to change.

Start by acknowledging when you’re doing this and notice the words you use.

You might say to yourself, “I’m having the thought/saying that my body is ………., this is unkind, unhelpful and unnecessary because my body does so much for me and is more than an ornament” each time you use unhelpful language.

Habit change #2

Cultivate gratitude and appreciation for your body. I can’t overestimate how important actively practising gratitude is. This helps to train your brain to appreciate all that your body does for you.

Begin or end every day by writing down what you are grateful for about your body. It may be difficult at first, but as you practise it gets easier.

You don’t have to focus on what your body looks like, in fact focusing on your body’s function and all it does for you will give you a better appreciation for your body.

Habit change #3

Detox sources of body anxiety or dissatisfaction. We all have triggers when it comes to body dislike.

While we can’t control all of these triggers, there are many that we can. Triggers that come from media that we choose to consume being one of them. The people that we decide to hang out with can also be triggers.

Figure out what media or people are triggering for you and cut down, or even better cut them out of your life where possible.

So that’s it, three ways that you can begin to improve your body confidence right now!

I’d love to know how implementing these three habit changes helps to improve your body confidence, so please leave me a comment below.

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