How to let go of body judgement


Do you judge other peoples’ bodies? Be honest with yourself!

Maybe it’s a comment said aloud or an internal thought about someone’s weight or shape.

BUT, judging other people and their bodies reveals what YOU fear most.

Not only that, being judgmental of bodies adversely impacts YOUR body confidence.

And, being judgemental in general doesn’t lead to a happier, more peaceful life.

So in today’s post, I’m sharing a technique by Gabrielle Bernstein to help detox body judgement (or any judgement for that matter).

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What judgement really means

When you judge another person, it’s usually more indicative of the way you feel about yourself than that person.

According to Gabrielle Bernstein, author of, “The Judgement Detox: Release The Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life”, judgement is,

“Either a reflection of something that we don’t like in ourselves, or it’s a representation of a wound we’re unwilling to heal.”

So when you judge other peoples’ bodies, it’s usually a sign of something you don’t like about your own body or an underlying sense of body shame.

Judging people for being what you consider to be ‘overweight’ or ‘unfit’, for example, may be hiding your own fear of gaining weight or being considered ‘fat’.

The impact of being judgmental

Being in a constant state of judgement, is like “Taking a bat and hitting yourself over the head with it”, according to Bernstein.

BUT if you can release someone else from your judgement, you also release yourself.

Calling the war off on other peoples’ bodies helps you to make peace with your own.

Witness your judgement

To help you begin to detox your body judgments, I’m sharing a technique Gabrielle Bernstein calls ‘Witnessing your judgment’.

To do this, you act as if you’re a third party observer.

Over a period of time, notice what or who you are judging and write your judgments down. Notice if there are any themes

Witnessing your judgment helps you to identify judgments you may have previously been unaware of.

BUT please do not judge yourself for having these judgements! Rather than beating yourself up, be proud of yourself for being able to witness your judgements.

According to Bernstein, when you witness your judgements you take away their power.

Once you’ve been witnessing your judgements for a while, notice how you feel.

Do you feel lighter? Happier and calmer in yourself? Or perhaps recognising that you are judging other peoples’ bodies has made you less critical of your own?

I’d love to hear about your body judgments and what you’re going to do to let them go.  Please leave a comment below.

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