Your life beyond body hate


Have you ever wondered what life might be like beyond hating, disliking or being dissatisfied with your body?

If you believe that hating your body is just a normal part of life, this post will take you on a journey beyond it.

I’m sharing an exercise to help you suspend body dislike and give you a glimpse of life without it.

Body hate is something that you have learned, it’s not something that you are born with.

I truly believe that it’s possible to move past body dissatisfaction and step into the life you want and deserve.

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A cultural norm

In our culture, we go about our lives hating our bodies.  We believe that if we just lost weight or shaped up then everything would be better.

This behaviour has become normal.  We never stop to question whether hating our bodies results in a better quality of life.

The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter, and came across a tweet by a body positive advocate, Your Fat Friend, which asked:

What would happen if you stopped hating your body? Not just how you would feel, but what would happen differently in your life?

I thought this was a great question, because it forces you to suspend the belief that body hate is a necessary part of life. When you halt this belief, you catch a glimpse of what life could be like beyond body hate.

How does hating your body serve you?

Reading the responses on Twitter, it was clear that banishing body hate would result in having more time and energy, better mental health, and more fulfilling relationships and careers.

Which leads me to wonder, what useful purpose is body hate serving? None that I can see.

Hating your body takes up a lot of resources which could be put to better use elsewhere.

Instead of hating your body, you could be spending time on more enjoyable pursuits, and working on making your relationships and careers as rewarding as possible.

Body hate is not a requirement of life. It’s a learned behaviour, and anything that you can learn, you can un-learn!

How to kick the body hate habit

Begin to kick the body hate habit by asking yourself….

What would happen if I stopped hating my body?

Let whatever comes up for you be your motivation to move beyond body hate.

Pledge to do whatever it takes to improve your body image so that you can step into the life you truly desire.

Realising that body hate isn’t a normal and necessary way to live is an important first step towards better body image.

I’d love to know, what comes up for you when you ask the question: What would happen if I stopped hating my body? Leave me a comment below.

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