Why watching nature programmes

improves body image


If you enjoy being in nature, you’ll appreciate its many benefits.

Being in nature is beneficial to mental health, including body image.

But what if you live in a town where there isn’t much green space? Or lack of mobility or time prevents you being out in nature?

Well, some exciting research from Anglia Ruskin University discovered that watching nature programmes promotes a more positive body image.

So in today’s post, I’m exploring what it is about watching nature programmes that has a beneficial impact on body image.

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Nature and body image

In a recent post, I talked about why being in nature can help you be more accepting of your body.

Being in nature helps your body image because it gives you some perspective on body concerns. So it’s well worth regularly going for a stroll.

Love nature, but can’t get out in it?

However, it’s not always possible to spend time in nature due to lack of time, mobility or if you live in a town with few green spaces.

BUT, some exciting new research from Anglia Ruskin University UK found that watching nature programmes helped participants experience more positive body image.

In particular, participants had greater respect for their own bodies and were more likely to reject ‘rigid ideals’ around appearance after watching nature programmes.

How nature programmes help body image

The lead researcher Viren Swami believes there are two main reasons for the findings.

Firstly, watching nature programmes promotes a state of cognitive quiet which encourages self-kindness. This helps you to view your body more compassionately.

Secondly, nature scenes are unlikely to remind you of anything materialistic, therefore giving your brain a break from thoughts of consumption and image.

So if you can’t always get out into nature, watching nature programmes can still be beneficial for your body image.

I love watching nature programmes, so this research gives me even more reason to build them into my self-care!

I’d love to know how watching nature programmes makes you feel about your body.  Please leave me a comment below.

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