Is it time for a Body Confidence Coach?

Work with Judi Craddock, Body Confidence Coach

Working with a Body Confidence Coach will help you to:

  • Enjoy exercising and not feel self conscious about your body

  • Be comfortable looking in the mirror

  • Be intimate with your partner without embarrassment about your body

  • Stop hiding behind make-up and clothes

  • Wear whatever you want, feeling comfortable doing so

  • Wear a swimsuit with confidence

  • Get off the diet treadmill and make peace with your size and shape

  • Socialise without the fear of being judged by your appearance

Body Confidence Coach, Judi Craddock

All of these things are possible when you learn a different way of thinking about your body – a way that allows you to relate to your body in an accepting and respectful way.

I’m not talking about physical changes to your body, but changing the mind set you have about it. Freeing yourself from the negative internal chatter that tells you your body isn’t good enough.

Because lasting body confidence is NOT about physical change. It’s about dealing with the negative thoughts that rule how you feel about your body and how you behave because of those negative feelings.

How many times have you stopped yourself wearing a piece of clothing, undressing in front of a partner, or putting on your exercise gear to work out because you’re scared of judgement or of feeling self conscious?

Let me tell you something which may surprise you…

Your body is not the problem – but the way you think about it is.

Dieting, cosmetic procedures, extreme exercise programmes are not the key to feeling better about your body.  In fact, none of these supposed ‘solutions’ deal with the basic insecurities that lead you to feel unhappy about your body.

Don’t get me wrong, eating well and making sure that you keep active are vital for the health and well being of your body and mind. But restricting your food intake, punishing exercise regimes and going under the knife cannot give you body confidence. In fact, if you want to have a healthy body, you have to start with your mind.

When you begin to see your body in an accepting way, you will have a new respect for it. Then you will want to treat it with love and care – eating nutritious foods that give it energy, and moving your body in whatever way feels good for you.

What I’m saying here may seem alien to you. I get that. We’ve been taught that to feel better about our bodies, we have to change them. Why do you think that is? The dieting and beauty industries aren’t multimillion dollar businesses for no reason. If these solutions really worked, why would we need them any more? We’d all feel fabulous about our looks!

Your mind has the power to think about your body in a kind and accepting way – harness the power of your mind.

This not only opens up the possibility to lasting change in the way you relate to your body.  BUT it will also save you a lot of money on useless diets and products that don’t ultimately help you feel better about yourself!

My coaching programme, book and body image talks get to the root of the negative thoughts that you’re having about your body,  showing you how to rid yourself of these for good.

As a Body Confidence Coach, I help you navigate the unhealthy world of the media and show you how to stop comparisons that keep you stuck in poor body image.  I teach you how to create a positive body mind-set and an environment in which your new relationship with your body can develop and grow.

Mastering your mind-set will enable you to live a happier and healthy life. Then, your looks will no longer be a source of unhappiness for you and you’ll be free to engage in activities that previously you may have shied away from.

Let me help you live a richer and fuller life, the one that you deserve, free from body consciousness.  

 Are you ready to feel different about your body?

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